Well, you spend 2 years working to promote the Isle of Man showing everything you can do here and then the Corona Virus happens. Unfortunately, this means that almost all if not all the events listed on this site have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Please check with the Venues and find out what their policy is regarding returned tickets.

Some places are asking for donations. The sad truth is that without customers and support many of the places listed on this site will have real financial hardship and may have to close. It will be a challenging Summer for all of us.

Time Enough publishes live news headlines from Manx Radio. If you go to the Links Page you will find links to other news sites. We will try and keep you posted about any new major developments.

Remember we are an Island. We are used to hardship, isolation and finding our own way of doing things. We will manage somehow. We always do. I wish us all every success. Keep safe, keep well and we will laugh about this when it is over.