Listing Policy

Listing Policy

It is FREE to list on this site but we only list Events and Companies on the ISLE OF MAN. If you wish to be listed you need to belong to the following categories:

Provide Events on the Isle of Man.

Offer Hospitality such a Hotel, B&B, Guest House, Camp Site or are a Food and Drink Venue, Café, Pub or Restaurant or if you are a Take Away or Catering Firm.

A School, Gallery, Shop, Farm or Business which holds Classes, Events, Workshops or Tours or if you sell Specialist Hobby or Sport Equipment or are a Sporting Location.

Public Clubs, Societies, Charities, Organisations and Classes on the Island.

If you are a Place of Historical Interest on the Isle of Man, a Public Space, involved in Transport or run Tours.

If you Care for People and their Pets such as a Care Home, Dog Groomer, Spa or Hairdresser or if you are a place of Worship or Sanctuary.

Contributors are entirely responsible for the information they provide including accuracy, legal obligations and keeping the information up to date.

Please check our Privacy Policy for Terms and Conditions.

If you do not belong to any of these categories please check our Links Page.
You don’t have to belong to these categories to advertise.

If you wish to ADVERTISE with us there is a cost.