About Us

We are two schoolfriends from the Isle of Man who wanted a search site that covers all the things you can do on the Island. Things that are going on that you don’t get to hear about or hear about too late! We want to know everything that’s happening here. We thought maybe other people wanted to know too, so we created this site, to show what’s taking place. We hope it helps you plan what to do and where you want to go next.

There are more than 250 Organised Group Activities that happen regularly on the Island every week and over 2500 places where you can find things to do. Each year the Island hosts around 500 Special Events sometimes 6 different ones on the same day. Feeling inspired to try something? If you can’t find what you are looking for then let us know. We will help you find it. Equally you may wish to try our Links Page listing other specific search sites. You may also want to check our Listing Policy  

FAQ: Yes. We use stock photos. We are building up a library of great photos of the Isle of Man but you have to start somewhere. We would love you to send us your amazing photos. We always credit photos when we have a name.

We wish to formally thank Culture Vannin and the Arts Council for supplying us with photos and information. We would also like to thank the Department of Enterprise for allowing us access to their amazing picture library. Finally we wish to thank Wikipedia for creating their library which enabled us to find background information for various locations on the Island.

We love passionate people. If there is something you feel needs to be written about then get in touch. Our Spotlight page is all about you and what you think is important on the Island and makes this place so special. We want to hear from you. Subscribe to add to the page. This is so we know who you are and helps to keep the site safe. If you have written an article that you think may be of interest, then send it to us.

Sometimes Google or Trip Advisor doesn’t understand a location.  It’s a big world out there with a lot of ground to cover. We include a full postal address together with the contact information, so if in doubt, please check with the venue. If it’s wrong please let us know.

We wish we were perfect but we’re not. Sometimes we make mistakes. Oops, it’s a pool table not a swimming pool. Not what you were expecting. Our bad. Tell us when we go wrong.

We write a generic entry for your business but we prefer if it came from you. We want to know what inspired you, what makes you unique and why you love what you do. Just use the Add My Details form to update your entry and if you would like to change the photo you can do that too.

Maybe you feel left out. Check our Listings Policy and see if we have a category for you. Then simply contact us and tell us how wonderful you are to see your name in print.

We show the usual opening hours or event times. However sometimes things vary or are seasonal. It is a good idea to check with the organisation’s website or Facebook page to be sure. Equally if you use your Facebook page for business please keep it up to date. Change of venue, date, opening hours or contact details? Let us know so we can spread the word.

If you are holding an event please let us know where it is, what time it starts, what time it finishes and how much it costs. A picture saves a thousand words so if you have one please include that too.

If you are no longer with us, then we are sorry to see you go. Hope you are getting the rest you deserve. Please let us know so that people can hear the news.

If you are new. Congratulations. Shout it out and inspire us all. We always want to hear about new exciting stuff to do.

Remember with everything that is happening on the Island there is always Time Enough.