Sally Black Two Islands

Some words from Sally Black, our local artist who is currently in lockdown in Bali. She sent me this message on the 21st April 2020. Thank you Sally, for sharing your lockdown experience and these line drawings which can be downloaded and printed so that they can be coloured in.

Tale of Two Islands

Today is the day I was scheduled to return to Manchester and then to the Isle of Man after a two month stay in Bali with my family. My airline cancelled all flights suddenly (without notifying their customers) and the Island shut it’s borders so here I remain.

Like those at home, many people here are self-isolating, although mostly the expats. People are being encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing,  however, the Balinese find this very difficult as shopping for fresh produce is done daily, generally at open markets and extended families, often of many generations, live in compounds where friends and family drop in to chat and socialise all day.

Here in our quiet villa we are, like many friends at home and around the world cooking and baking a lot, filling the freezer and pre-preparing meals so we don’t have to shop. Fortunately a lot of suppliers will deliver bulk staples such as flour, oatmeal and pulses and fresh fruit and vegetables can be delivered too.  As we’re doing a lot of art projects (and were running out of paper and canvases) I ordered supplies from a local art shop and they were delivered by Gojek (motorcycle courier) in less than two hours.

Colouring is a favourite for Marlow aged 7 so I did these outline sketches of Manx and Balinese dancers and they’ve been a great success. 

Click on the images below to download a printable copy.