Eva Wilson Manx Vikings

This Cross and Viking carved interlacing can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the drawing below. The cross dates from the 10th century and can be found at Kirk Michael Church. The stone carver is Gautr who carved several crosses on the Island. The interlaced dragons were created by Thorbjorn, in the 980s and comes from a stone cross in Old Kirk Braddan. This church also houses the Lonan Wheel Cross. There are around 200 crosses on the Island dating from the Medieval period.

Eva Wilson began her artistic career as a potter in Denmark, before becoming a draughtsman to the Archaeological Department of the University of Lund in Sweden. Since 1955 she has worked as a freelance illustrator of specialist and popular books on art and archaeology. She has twelve books on design currently available on Amazon.

Click on the image to the left to download a copy you can colour yourself.