Virtual Tours

In the first of our new series, which we are calling “Lockdown: The Sequel” we bring you a host of virtual guided tours to take you through January, or at least next week. Tickets for all these events can be found on  Online Events in the UK and Ireland | Eventbrite. Enjoy amazing places from the comfort of home.

Virtual Guided Tour of the Louvre by Embassy Experiences  Friday 8th January at midnight  Cost $22

Virtual Meet-and-greet a Lincoln Park zoo Animal by  Calendar & Events – Lincoln Park Zoo ( ) Saturday 9th January at 4pm Cost $15

Virtual Harry Potter Location Tour by  Sunday 10th January at 12 noon Cost $24

Virtual Guided tour of the Old City of Jerusalem and Bethlehem by Home – Things To Do DC | Things To Do DC Sunday 10th January at 10pm/Monday 11th January at 12noon  Cost $20

Virtual Guided tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel by Home | The Tour Guy Sunday 10th January at 6pm Cost $15

Virtual tour – Tales from the Tower of London by January 13th January at 11am  Cost £6

Virtual tour of Buckingham Palace by  Home – Things To Do DC | Things To Do DC  January 16th January at midnight -2am Cost $18