Supporting Events

Manx Radio is the oldest licenced commercial radio station in the British Isles.  Its first broadcast was in June 1964 on FM only, with presenters broadcasting from a caravan, parked on the hilltop in Onchan. There is still a plaque to mark the spot. In October 1969, the station moved premises to Broadcasting House on Douglas Head, where it remains today.  This building was a former Royal Navy radar training establishment that was built during the Second World War.

In 2014, Tynwald agreed to enshrine Manx Radio in primary legislation as the national public service broadcaster for the Isle of Man.

Almost 60 years since it first broadcast from that caravan in Onchan, Manx Radio remains the national public media provider for the Isle of Man, employing 33 people and producing a wide and varied service to its listeners. This includes specialist programming such as Manx language items and covers important events like the Budget, Island Elections and Tynwald.  Manx Radio has also provided coverage of every TT race that has taken place, which is a huge part of the Island’s heritage, and modern-day life. It is truly a service that educates, informs, and entertains.

The inspiration to assist events was to ensure the Island continues to grow and grow financially. Manx Radio knows how important it is to continually support events which showcase what the Island has to offer. It is proud to be able to give to the local community, doing so across the Island, from Arts to Agriculture.

Starting with the Guild at the end of this month.  A musical tradition since1892, created to nurture, improve and display the strong musical talents of the Isle of Man. The Cleveland Ohio Manx Society donate a gold medal every year.

This year’s events, supported by Manx Radio, so far, include:

  • The Guild (22-29th April)
  • Ramsey Motorcycle Show (1st May)
  • The Manx Telecom Parish Walk (24th June)
  • KPMG’s Prom Relay (7th July)
  • The World Tin Baths Competitions (8th July)
  • The Island Games (8th-14thJuly) Guernsey
  • Southern District Agricultural Show (29th & 30th July)
  • Royal Manx Agricultural Show (11th & 12th August)
  • The Festival of Motoring (15-17 Sept).  

In addition to all this:


The programme IM1 which is a satirical look behind the scenes at Manx Radio has been nominated for The Comedy Award in this year’s The Radio Academy Audio and Radio Industry Awards.  They are up against the likes of Radio 4, The Alan Partridge Podcast, Sony Music Entertainment and Absolute Radio.

The awards take place on 2nd May 2023.

If you wish to listen to IM1it is available as a free podcast series:

To find out more about the awards go to:

Manx Radio will be celebrating 60 years in 2024 so watch this space for special news about that.