The First Year – Covid

That first year, we took all our work and binned it, because nothing could happen until the end of lockdown. We wondered what we had done and how we would survive. We had put so much work into the site, was it all for nothing?

We were desperately sad for all the small businesses and startups that were in the same position. Seeing restaurants becoming takeaways. Everyone trying to rethink what they do so that they could survive. We were not eligible for government support. We had to just keep going.

We did survive as an events website, when no events were happening, by creating things to do online and promoting other online events. More research, finding fun, free, things from around the world that could be downloaded for home entertainment. We even ran a competition for children to write a story about a fantasy train ride.

We all had to use our imagination and plan for better times in the future.