Year 2

Getting shortlisted for the Business Excellence Awards was such a great achievement for us and validation of all our hard work. Losing to the Isle of Man Post Office was a badge of honour.

Sadly some business did not make it through Covid. We had to re-write a lot of the website. It was a time of change. So great to see new businesses starting and adding them. The Island should be so proud of how it has managed to bounce back from Covid and those businesses that are still suffering from long Covid, we admire everything you are doing to keep going.

If you are a restaurant, café, bar or hairdresser, please check that we have you on our site, with your up to date information and a recent photo. We try to put opening hours, but because these are often seasonal, it is difficult to have them correct. Any help you can give us to be accurate is really helpful and helps your clients too.

In Year 3 we made big changes in the layout of Time Enough.

We are a listing site. We show what is happening, where, on the Island. Each year we will list over 1,500 events. So many, that we introduced a second calendar to promote the amazing talent of the bands, gigs and live music on the Island.

Every week, you can go and listen, for free, to live music all over the Island. Something that we are proud of. This small Island has some amazing musicians, in all genres.

If you are holding a unique event, then we wish to hear from you. Please contact us with the place, date, time and a photo and we will put you on our events website. Equally if you are a band or musician, let us know when and where you are playing.

Please check the website first, you may find we are already promoting you! But we can always do with new photos.

Being noticed on local tv and radio really helped us to know that what we do is worthwhile and valued on the Island. We don’t have a large advertising budget so we love the recognition.