Angelica Belle

Cliftonville Cottage, Fistard Road, Port St Mary, IM9 5PQ

Chef Andrea offers Bespoke Cookery Demonstrations which includes afternoon tea for 4 to 6 people from her Fisherman’s Cottage kitchen in Port St Mary. Look for the post-box next to the farm gate when visiting.

Andrea is the the creator of a lifestyle brand called Angelica Belle. An Award Winning Chef, who spent three years training in catering and confectionary, before working as a professional private chef all over the world for the past 35 years. Her bakery products are cooked to order.

The Angelica Belle brand also includes a range of luxury bakery products and gifts, as well as a beautiful range of aromatherapy 100% all natural essential oil candles and diffusers.

Together with Chris her husband, they provide Concierge Services. Tailored to delivering the Angelica Belle brand in style including personalised gifting, corporate gifts, and experiences on the Island.

Full details are on their website.