Kirk Andreas

Church Road, Andreas Road, Andreas, IM7

Kirk Andreas Church is located in St Andrew on the intersection of two Church lanes.  Built from 1802 to 1821, in Sulby Glen stone, on the site of a former Keeill. A bell tower, was added to the main building in 1869, which was then lowered during the Second World War, because of the nearby airfield. The alter stained glass window includes the signs of the Zodiac.

There are eleven crosses, housed within the church, dating from the 7th to 11th centuries. The list of rectors dates back to 1188.

During the war the RAF Andreas airfield was home to several squadrons, including RAAF Squadrons 457 and 452, an Air Sea Rescue Squadron and an Air Gunnery School. The airfield operated from 1941 to 1946, and had three runways. Kirk Andreas graveyard, contains the regimental gravestones of the Royal Air Forces and Royal Australian Airforce, who died while serving, in World War II.