The Royal Chapel of St John the Baptist- Tynwald Church

Main Road, St. John's, IM4 3NA

This has always been a sacred place, lying roughly in the centre of the Island. The ancient keeill is mentioned in early manuscripts. This was demolished and the current chapel, designed by Rand B Lane of Manchester, was completed in 1849, in the Medieval style, from local granite and marble. The many stained glass windows depict the Annunciation, the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and the Saints. The stone floor depicts the four Apostles. The Chapel houses the Royal Coat of Arms and those of Lords of Man and several Dignitaries together with plaques honouring Famous Manxmen. Runic crosses can also be found here including one by Osruth.

This is the National Civic Church and is used twice on Tynwald Day. The ceremonial day begins with a religious service. Tynwald Court, is then later held in a special area of the Chapel. Tynwald Day was originally a Gaelic Oenach, or midsummer assembly, combining the worship of the Lugh the Sun God (whose symbol is the circle in the Celtic Cross), and the affirmation of the religious authority of the King. Rushes are still strewn on the walkway from the Royal Chapel to Tynwald Hill (rushes were sacred to Lugh).



Opening Hours

Every First Sunday at 11 a.m.