St Peter’s Church

Church Road, Onchan,, IM3 1BF

Consecrated in 1833, replacing the earlier St Catherine’s, the Church was designed by John Welch, who lived close by. The Church is a mixture of styles. Parts of the Bell Tower are constructed from old headstones and you can still read some of the inscriptions. The ribbon pointing dates to the 20th centaury as do some of the stain glass windows. There are no pews. The Church houses six Celtic crosses, dating from the 7th to the 11th Centaury and a silver chalice, from 1638, copied from one belonging to Charles I.

St Catherine’s is where William Bligh was married in 1789. He later became captain of the ‘HMS Bounty’. Fletcher Christian’s family came from the Isle of Man.

Regular Church Services.

St Peter’s hosts Mother’s Union, Ladies Fellowship, Messy Church and Peter Bear. Special Events occur at different times throughout the year.