The Curraghs and Wallaby Walk

Main Road, Ballaugh, IM7 5EA

Created by retreating Ice at the end of the Ice Age this area has been used agriculturally to grow hay and peat is cut to fuel fires. In the 1930s there was an initiative to grow Flax in the region but this failed and by 1963 the land belonged to the Isle of Man Government who opened the Wildlife Park in 1965. In 2006 it was designated a Ramsar Site following the 1975 UNESCO treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of Wetland resources.

The Curraghs is home to varied wildlife, notably Hen Harriers, Orange Tipped Butterflies, Sphagnum Moss and six different species of Orchid including the Heath Spotted Orchid. The most famous local inhabitants are a colony of wild Wallabies decedents of early escapees from the Wild Life Park. These feature in an Isle of Man Government Guided Walk.