The Kaye Memorial Garden-Summerland

The Kaye Memorial garden, was bequest by Sydney James Kaye, in honour of his parents Joseph and Sarah Jane Kaye, in 1955. The garden is surrounded by flowers, including sunflowers, together with two sunflower wrought iron benches.

A bronze statue of the Manx writer, Sir Hall Caine MHK (1853-1931), by Bryne Kneal, also stands in the gardens. The statue was commissioned by his son, Derwent Hall Caine.

Located at the base of Summerhill, close to where Summerland once stood, its centre piece now commemorates those who lost their lives on the 2nd August 1973. A further 80 people were seriously injured when fire destroyed the leisure complex.

The Memorial, erected by Douglas Borough Council in 2013, consists of three irregular grey standing stones inside a low wall. The two outer stones are inscribed with the names of all 50 people who died, including children, while the central stone has an inscription. We will not forget.