Upper Ballaharry and Keeill Vreeshey-Bridget’s Chapel

Eyreton Road, Greeba Mountain, Greeba, IM4 2DS

After trekking up Grebba Mountain (not technically a mountain), you will be rewarded by finding the ruins of Ballaharry now a tholtan and the early Christian Keeill of Vreeshey, which appears as a mound in a field. St. Bridget’s Chapel, as it is also known, is about 10 feet wide and 15 feet long with thick walls. Originally it would have had a timber and sod roof.

There is evidence of over 200 Keeills on the Island, 174 of which have been officially recorded. They all date before the 12th Century and follow the history between Christian and Viking inhabitants.

Both areas are now protected by Manx National Heritage.