Museum Visits

The thing about museums is that the objects are under lockdown for ever more.

Some of the things were hidden in the ground and had to be dug up, some were stored in people’s houses or castles or temples. Some things like Egyptian mummies were entombed. They have all been preserved by being kept safe and now everyone can get to see them when they visit a museum. All the things in a museum have been kept because they are valuable and rare, even if they were not valuable when they were made.We can’t visit museums at the moment, but their collections will still be there in the future, because museums will keep them on display. Some of them permanently. They will look after everything.

Covid 19 is an unique event in history, so perhaps you could keep a diary or a video diary of this special time and include pictures and references so that people in the future can understand what it was like to be living now. You too can look back at it later and remember what happened.

The Manx Museum is posting a series of things to do from home entitled #MuseumatHome together with the BBC.

Manx Museum: Every Object Tells A Story

BBC: Celebrating Britains Amazing Museums

The Manx Museum also lists fun projects to do on their website both for schools and at Home.

Manx Museum: School Activities

Virtual Tours

Tour the Natural History Museum from home with Sir David Attenborough as your guide.

This is a virtual tour of the British Museum. Sir David Wilson was director of the British Museum from 1977 to 1992 before retiring to the Isle of Man.

Joy of Museums provides many links to virtual tours of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites.

Joy of Museums

Museum Projects

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan has creative things to do, every day, while you are safe at home. Including experiments and recipes from around the  world.

The Benaki Museum has inspiring activities including a paper doll to cut out and dress.

The Van Gogh Museum has colouring pages and created a board game that you can download.

The Natural History Museum will show you how to build your own volcano. They also have dinosaur origami and other activities.

A fascinating interactive timeline created by the British Museum showing how inventions and cultures develop over time.


The National Trust has a “50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾” activity list. Many of the things you can still do on the Island during lockdown even if it is in the back garden.