Family and Other Animals

While you are in lockdown you have a chance to observe your family more closely than ever. However you may wish to find access to other species.

Curraghs Wildlife Park is closed to the public but the animals and wildlife still need looking after. The staff are there and if you go to their Facebook Page you can see what the animals are doing. Krush, the Redpanda, is behaving himself and staying at home in the Curraghs.

The MSPCA is also closed to the public but still have animals that need looking after. If you have a pet yourself, take extra care of them and make sure you wash your hands very carefully after stroking and handling them. We are lucky that we have so many beautiful places close to home that we can walk our dogs. Remember farmers are still working during lockdown so stay away from farms.

Keep your eyes open when you are out walking or in the garden and see how much wildlife you can spot. There are so many different wildflowers, different types of bees and butterflies and of course birds. Listen for bird song. Look for small birds nesting in the eves of houses. You can see them darting in and out from under the roof. The Manx Wildlife Trust has produced a list of fun projects you could try and things you can do to encourage wildlife into your garden.

Just tap on the left hand side logo to go the website.

Curraghs Wildlife Park Facebook Page. You need to be a member of Facebook to see all the posts.

MSPCA Facebook Page is showing Lockdown League – a new Pet video every day.

A series of projects created by the Manx Wildlife Trust

The World Wildlife Trust has lots of crafty things to create and great articles about animals to read including ones about animals that like to self isolate. 

The National Geographic has a Subscription Site which also posts some articles that are free for everyone. 

In case you missed Kush’s escape, here it is again as seen by American viewers.