Yn Chruinnaght Virtual Festival

It’s a slightly different festival on the Island this year. The Celtic Gathering has been unable to bring musicians to the Island because of Covid but this has not stopped the Celtic Spirit.

Our own talented musicians are helping us all to celebrate the end of lockdown here and  “Tannaghtyn Sthie” the “Staying at Home” festival will also be happening as we join with musicians beyond our boarders with a series of virtual events.

So you can still celebrate with your family, friends and the music community in more ways than one.

Just tap on the left hand side logo to go the website.

You can find a list of Manx tunes and songs online at Manx Music.

Music Home Learning Isle of Man will give you loads of support.

For pre-school musicians Singing Jo and Co are streaming classes every morning at 10am.

The official website for Tannaghtyn Sthie
July 20th-26th.

The Facebook page will keep you up to date with festival developments.