Claghbane Woods

Hairpin Bend, Mountain Road, Ramsey

Claughbane Woods can be accessed from the Hairpin bend just before Ramsey and leads to Lhery Frissell via Elfin Glen.  It is very steep in places with various paths cutting through about 64 acres and a variety of trees. A slate quarry used to exist on the site and it is this slate that was used in building the Albert Tower.

The tower is 54 feet high, made of granite and slate. It is closed to the public. Built in 1848 to commemorate the visit to Ramsey of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria on the 20th of September, the previous year. It stands on Albert Mount.

The Queen’s Pier was also named after the 1847 Royal visit.

The Manx Wildlife Trust organises group explorations specifically for children to learn about the countryside. Claughbane is one of the places they visit.