Electric Car Charge Points

Electric Charge Points can be found in the following locations:

Chester Street Car Park, Doulgas, IM1 2PG

Mannin Hotel, Broadway, Douglas, IM2 4EL

Jacksons Motor Mall, Cooil Road, Braddan, IM4 2AZ

Manx Utilites, Cooil Road, Douglas, IM2 2QZ

The Tynwald Hill Inn, IM4 3BP

The Quay Car Park, Queen Street, Castletown, IM9 1LD

Knockaloe Beg Farm, Peel, IM5 3AQ

Port St Mary Town Hall Car Park, IM9 5AH

Port Erin Commissioners Car Park, IM9 6AH

Market Square, Ramey, IM8 1JY

Mountain View Innovation Centre, Maughold, IM7 2DZ

Northern Swimming Pool Car Park, Ramsey, IM8 3AB

The Isle of Man Motor Museum, Jurby, IM7 3BD