Keeill Vrisht/Old St Trinians Church

Main Road, Greeba, IM4 2DP

An earlier 12th century chapel, belonging to the Priory of St. Ninian in Whitehorn, Scotland was originally built and then enlarged in the 14th century. Known locally, as The Broken Church, because it has been without a roof since at least the 1600s.

According to Manx folklore, the building of St Trinian’s was never completed because when the Monks rang the church bell, a Buggane who lived in the forest on Greeba Mountain, came down the hill and ripped the roof off. When they tried to replace it, the same thing happened. The church was abandoned. The Buggane was finally outwitted by Timothy the Tailor and the story can be found in Sophia Morrison’s “Manx Fairy Tales”.