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Mini Musicians

Mannin Music Studio, Laburnum Avenue, Douglas, IM2 1AD

Founded in 2014, Mini Musicians develops children’s understanding of music. There are regular classes held all over the Island and special workshops during school holidays.

Classes are a colourful and child friendly approach to developing the natural musicality of small children using the Colourstrings method, which is based on Kodály’s approach to music education.

The children learn through singing, rhymes, clapping, using percussion instruments, dance and movement, listening to live and recorded music, together with games. Whilst the goal of the classes is to make music fun, the children are learning key musical concepts.

Opening Hours

– Sunday 10:30am (0-4 year olds)
– Monday 11.15am (Toddlers)
– Monday 4pm (4-7 year olds)
– Monday 5pm (4-7 year olds)
– Wednesday 11am (Home Eduction)
– Thursday 10am (Non-walkers)
– Thursday 11am (Non-walkers)
– Saturday 9.30am (4-7 year olds)
– Saturday 10.30am (Non-Walkers)
– Saturday 11.25am (Toddlers)
– Monday 9.30am (0-4 year olds)
– Tuesday 2pm (0-4 year olds)
– Tuesday 10am (Non-walkers)
– Tuesday 11am (Toddlers)
Port Erin
– Thursday 1.15pm (Toddlers)
– Thursday 2.15pm (Non-walkers)