Old Lonan Church-St Adamnan’s

Ballakiley Farm Road, Port Groudle, Laxey, IM4 6AH

This beautiful, old church, has three names: Lonan Old Church, Keeill ny-Traie, or “the chapel by the shore” and St Adamnan’s, after the Abbot of Iona, between 679 and 704. This tiny church, was in use until 1733, when a new church was built and still used now, for Special Services .The eastern (and oldest) part of the church, was restored in 1895, by the Reverend John Quine. Electrified oil lamps hang from the ceiling. Directly facing the Old Church are the remains of a 12th centaury chapel, containing a “poor hole” or “leper slant”, so the unfortunate could still watch the services and receive alms. Close to the wall of the Graveyard, are the foundations of a 7th century keeill.

The site on which the Church stands is of ancient religious significance. The Church Yard contains Celtic crosses, going back to the 5th century AD. The Lonan Wheelcross, located here, dates from that time. Surrounded by farmland with scattered farms and a view to the sea, it lies on the line of the old packhorse route, between Douglas and Laxey.

The perfect spot for quiet contemplation.