The Millennium Way

The Millennium Way, was established to mark the Millennium of Manx Parliament in 1979 and is 28 miles long, so it can be completed in a day by a determined walker. It runs between Castletown to Ramsey, along the length of the Island following an earlier path, called the Royal Way, which was the route taken in the 13th Century to reach Tynwald.

Starting in Castletown, you follow the Silverburn River to Rushen Abbey, then head towards St. Mark’s before joining “The Royal Way”or “Via Regina” that will take you to Marown Old Church, before dropping down to Crosby Methodist Chapel and on to St. Trinian’s ruined chapel. From St Luke’s you cross West Baldwin, past Snaefell to Reach Sky Hill. Here the Manx were defeated by Godred Croven in 1079 linking the Island to Iceland and setting about the events that would lead to the formation of Tynwald and the House of Keys. Finally take the Kirk Michael Road into Ramsey.

The path was signposted in 1979, to mark the official celebrations of 1000 years of continuous parliament and self government.