Museum Visits

The thing about museums is that the objects are under lockdown for ever more. Some of the things were hidden in the ground and had to be dug up, some were stored in people’s houses or castles or temples. Some things like Egyptian mummies were entombed. They have all been preserved by being kept safe […]

Garden Stargazing

We can’t travel the world but we can still discover new places. Now is the time to explore the night sky from the safety and comfort of your own back yard. The Isle of Man Astronomical Society gives a series of talks each year usually from the top of Snaefell. They are closed due to […]

Immersive Art

The Art galleries and Museums of the world have opened their doors to us, without us having to leave home. If you have every wondered what it is like to live like an artist, you can now take virtual tours of some artists’ houses and see where they lived and worked. In addition to our […]