TT Bands – 2022

Updated: 4th June 2022 @ 10:30am

TT Grandstand, TT Fan Park – Saturday 28th May – Friday 10th June
Live Entertainment 9am-11pm

Big Stage @ 1886 – Sunday 29th May – Friday 10th June

Bushy’s TT Village – Wednesday 1st – Friday 10th June

Ramsey Sprintfest – Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th June
Local bands and live music

Peel Day – Sunday 5th June
Local bands, Steve Colley, The Purple Helmets

Live music throughout the Island’s Pubs and Bars during the whole of the TT

Saturday 28th May

Trevor Shimmin7.30pmOutback
Terry George8pmSecret Pizza Co
Mae Challis8pmThe Heron
Dickie Kelly8.30pmSouth Douglas Friends
Alex Harris9pmThe Highwayman
Nathan Thompson9pmThirsty Pigeon
Totally 80s Band9.30pmJaks
Chris Winchester Band9pmThe British

Sunday 29th May

Jessie J7pmBig Stage @ 1886
DJ Tom Doyle7pmTT Fan Park

Monday 30th May

Primal Scream7pmBig Stage @ 1886
David Castro8pmOutback
Nige T9pmQuid’s Inn
Trevor Shimmin9pmThe Ginger Hall
Hot Mess9.30pmJaks
DJ Henry Wood10pmTT Fan Park

Tuesday 31st May

Banned from Hyde Deep South Stage
Rock Pipes Sulby Glen Hotel
Ian Thompson Band8pmOutback
Broken Rooster9pm1886
Brown Sugar9pmThe British
Alex Harris9pmQuid’s Inn
Little Miss Dynamite9pmThe Ginger Hall
Steph & Eamonn, Steph Joyce9pmBrendan O’Donnells
That Kelly Bird9.30pmJaks
DJ Jaime Craig10pmTT Fan Park
Ed Force One, Oceans Avenue, Switch10pmBig Stage @ 1886

Wednesday 1st June

Brown Sugar / Eoin Molyneux 1886
Dickie Kelly The Whitehouse
Ian Thompson The Ginger Hall
Jack McLean, Paul Reynolds Sailor’s Shelter
Mezzanine Deep South Stage
The Getways, Sunset Jet, Buncha Skankers6pm-10pmBushy’s TT Village
Rag ‘N’ Bone Man7pmBig Stage @ 1886
Toby Higgins7pmThe Empress
Jon Lightfield7.30pmBlack Dog Oven
ELO Experience8pmVilla Marina
Steve Nash8pmOutback
Persian Doormats8pmSecret Pizza Co
Traditional Music8pmBrendan O’Donnells
Totally 80s8.30pmThe Riddler
Callum Brew9pmSailor’s Shelter
Little Miss Dynamite9pmThe Mitre
That Kelly Bird9pmThirsty Pigeon
Rock Pipes9pmSam Webbs
Chris Winchester Band9.30pmJaks
Klever Shirts9.30pmQuid’s Inn
DJ Stephen Forrest10pmTT Fan Park

Thursday 2nd June

A Stones ThrowBar Logo
Brown SugarSam Webbs
HanFXThe Ginger Hall
Klever ShirtsDeep South Stage
Looney & The Vikings1886
PowercutThe Creek
Jamie Blackburn1pmTT Fan Park
Teresa McNulty, Jamie Blackburn, The Ian Thompson Band, Maldune, Sweet Revenge2pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
Toby Higgins3pmTT Fan Park
Ramsey Sprintfest6.30pm – 11pmMarket Place, Ramsey
James Bay7pmBig Stage @ 1886
Clash Vooar8pmBlack Dog Oven
Craig David Presents TS58pmVilla Marina
Foxtrap8pmSecret Pizza Co
Ian Thompson Band8pmOutback
Toby Higgins8pmThe Empress
Ben Currey8.30pmThe Riddler
Acoustic Atmosphere9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
Eoin Molyneux9pmQuid’s Inn
Fundamentals9pmThe Mitre
Island Maiden9pmThe Railway
Jon Lightfield9pmBrendan O’Donnells
Steph & Eamonn9pmManx Arms
Penthouse Dive9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House
DJ Fionn McCard-Rooney10pmTT Fan Park

Friday 3rd June

Mad Dog Davies BandThe Whitehouse
Parallel LinesThe Ginger Hall
PowercutThe Highwayman
Voodoo BanditsDeep South Stage
Nash & Bean, Manxical Mystery Tour, Rock Pipes, The Ballaghs, Fireball2pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
David Castro5pm – 9pmJC’s Bar
Ramsey Sprintfest5pm – 11pmMarket Place, Ramsey
DJ Cal Davies7pmTT Fan Park
Aaron Harwood, Jon Lightfield, Dreadmann7.30pmBlack Dog Oven
Trevor Shimmin7.30pmOutback
Lone Sharks8pmSecret Pizza Co
The Whiskey Boys, Paul Reynolds, Callum Brew8pmAtholl Rooms
Toby Higgins8pmBrendan O’Donnells
Tres Amigos8.45pmThe Crosby
Barefoot Revolution9pmThe Railway
Brown Sugar9pmManx Legion
Eoin Molyneux9pmManx Arms
Fusion9pmSam Webbs
Ian Thompson9pmFront Porch
Sunset Jet9pmThe British
The Getaways9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
Toby Higgins9pmBrendan O’Donnells
Big Shot9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House
Terry George, HanFX9.30pmThe Riddler
The Getaways, Klevershirts, Penthouse Dive, FuZion, Buncha Skankers10pmBig Stage @ 1886

Saturday 4th June

FireballThe Haven
Mae Challis & The Dirty LegendsThe Ginger Hall
Terry George, HanFX and Innuendo OrchestraDeep South Stage
Francesca May, Teresa McNulty, Persion Doormats, A Stones Throw, Harvey Mushman2pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
Ramsey Sprintfest6.30pm – 11pmMarket Place, Ramsey
Calva Louise7pmTT Fan Park
Madness7pmBig Stage @ 1886
DC/AC MMXXII7.45pmVilla Marina
Kinrage8pmSecret Pizza Co
Trevor Shimmin8pmBrendan O’Donnells
Bat Fastards9pmQuid’s Inn
Ben Currie9pmThe Mitre
Callum Brew9pmFront Porch
DJ Connor Hislop9pmTT Fan Park
Foxtrap9pmThe Highwayman
Ian Thompson9pmThe British
Mad Dog Davies Band9pmThe Railway
Rock Pipes9pmSam Webbs
Toby Higgins9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
Trevor Shimmin9pmBrendan O’Donnells
Ocean’s View9.30pmThe Riddler
Shades of Gray9.30pmThe Manor Hotel
Sunset Jet9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House
Brown Sugar10pmThe Creek
That Kelly Bird10.30pm1886

(Mad Sunday) – Sunday 5th June

Buncha SkankersThe Ginger Hall
Dave Holland & CoThe Queens Hotel
Dusky Plankton (EP Launch)Roxy’s
FundamentalsThe Mitre
Rock Pipes, Banned from HydeDeep South Stage
The Ed Miller BandRoxy’s
Mod Sunday Soul, Klever Shirts, Parallel Lines12.30pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
Harvey Mushman1pmThe Crosby
The Paul Tonk’s Collective2pmFront Porch
Fireball4pmSam Webbs
Ariel Amoedo Duran5pmJC’s Bar
Ramsey Sprintfest5pm – 11pmMarket Place, Ramsey
The Boomtown Longtails, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Formula 1’s Eddie Jordan’s Band Eddie & The Robbers5pmBig Stage @ 1886
Heinrich Manoeuvre6.30pmThe Riddler
Rews7pmTT Fan Park
HanFX8pmSecret Pizza Co
Fireball8.30pmGlenlough Campsite
Brown Sugar9pmManx Legion
David Castro9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
DJ Joe Matthews9pmTT Fan Park
DJ Ninjafingers9pmSam Webbs
Harvey Mushman9pmThe Crosby
Rock Pipes9pmThe Mitre
Trevor Shimmin9pmThe Highwayman
Penthouse Dive9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House

Monday 6th June

FireballThe Creek
Klever Shirts1886
Night Time Terms, Callum Brew, Heathen ChemistryDeep South Stage
Teresa McNulty, Jamie Blackburn, Foxtrap, The Boneyard, Looney & the Vikings2pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
Blood Red Shoes7pmTT Fan Park
Trevor Shimmin7.30pmOutback
David Castro8pmThe Royal George
Eoin Molyneux8pmBlack Dog Oven
Manavi8pmSecret Pizza Co
Hot Mess9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
Ian Thompson9pmThe Ginger Hall
Nathan Thompson9pmFront Porch
Steph & Eamonn9pmManx Arms
The Paul Tonk’s Collective9pmThe British
Toby Higgins9pmQuid’s Inn
Ocean Avenue9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House
That Kelly Bird9.30pmThe Riddler
Brown Sugar10pmSam Webbs
Eddie Jordan & the Robbers, DJ Fast, Bad Reputation10pmBig Stage @ 1886

Tuesday 7th June

FireballBar Logo
Joey WildThe Ginger Hall
Nash & Bean, The Davies Band, The Birds & The Beards, Nova2.45pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
Elizabeth Davidson & Daniel Quayle7pmThe Fyn Bar
She Drew the Gun7pmTT Fan Park
Brown Sugar7.30pm1886
Hot Mess8pmDeep South Stage
Nige T8pmThe Royal George
Pigs on The Wing- Bringing Back the Bacon8.30pmVilla Marina
Tiger Boom / HanFX8.30pmThe Riddler
DJ Jacob Kneale9pmTT Fan Park
Eoin Molyneux9pmManx Arms
Heinrich Maneuver9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
Ian Thompson9pmFront Porch
Island Maiden / Shady Acres9pmQuid’s Inn
Nige T9pmThe Royal George
Steph Joyce9pmBrendan O’Donnells
Penthouse Dive9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House
A Little Bitta’ Rosie, CU Next Friday, Frantic 4 Quo10pmBig Stage @ 1886

Wednesday 8th June

FireballThe Queens Hotel
FundamentalsThe Ginger Hall
John Cowley, John Ruscoe, Paul & AnnieThe Sailor’s Shelter
Klever ShirtsDeep South Stage
Looney & The VikingsBar Logo
Penthouse Dive1886
Rocky Oake / Scott DaltonThe Ginger Hall
Francesca May, Mae Challis Duet, Bad Reputation, Ed Miller Band, Call Me Amour2pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
Becky Hill7pmBig Stage @ 1886
Evel Wonder7pmThe Fyn Bar
Fatherson7pmTT Fan Park
Blues at the Institute7.30pmLaxey Working Men’s Institute
Ian Thompson Band8pmOutback
Ideal Forgery8pmSecret Pizza Co
Moonshiners8.30pmThe Riddler
Brown Sugar9pmManx Legion
Eamonn & Steph9pmThe Crosby
Eoin Molyneux9pmQuid’s Inn
Nathan Thompson9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
Smugglers Rock9pmThe Mitre
Steph & Eamonn9pmThe Crosby
Stuart Perks9pmThe Royal George
Sunset Jet9pmFront Porch
Umlaut9pmThe British
Harvey Mushman9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House

Thursday 9th June

Biskee BrishtDeep South Stage
Heinrich ManoeuverThe Ginger Hall
Trevor ShimminGlenlough Campsite
Teresa McNulty, The Shedmen, Mae Challis, 3 Million2.45pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
Maccy V7pmThe Fyn Bar
Nile Rodgers & CHIC7pmBig Stage @ 1886
Tigercub7pmTT Fan Park
Ideal Forgery7.30pmThe Railway
David Castro8pmOutback
Hot Mess8pmSecret Pizza Co
Toby Higgins8pmBrendan O’Donnells
Ian Thompson8.15pmPico’s Bar
Totally 80s8.30pmThe Riddler
Crystal Methodists9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
Harvey Mushman9pmThe Mitre
Mad Dog Davies Band9pmSam Webbs
Nicole9pmThe Royal George
Rebecca Forrest9pmFront Porch
Sunset Jets9pmQuid’s Inn
The Bombadiers9pmQueen’s Hotel, Laxey
The Paul Tonk’s Collective9pmThe British
Barefoot Revolution9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House
Brown Sugar10pmThe Creek

Friday 10th June

Eve & KingThe Ginger Hall
FireballThe Highwayman
Steve Gibbon’sVilla Colonnade
Tiger BoomDeep South Stage
The Ian Thompson Band, Jamie Blackburn, A Stone’s Throw, The Tides, Buncha Skankers2pm – 11.45pmBushy’s TT Village
David Castro5pmJC’s Bar
Big Spring7pmTT Fan Park
Faithless DJ Set (Sister Bliss)7pmTT Fan Park
The Darkness7pmBig Stage @ 1886
Ian Thompson8pmThe Blind Pig
Trevor Shimmin8pmBrendan O’Donnells
Steve Gibbons Band8.45pmVilla Marina
Brown Sugar9pmManx Legion
Fireball9pmThe Highwayman
Mad Dog Davies Band9pmThe British
That Kelly Bird9pmThe Thirsty Pigeon
The Bombadiers9pmThe Crosby
The Boneyard9pmQuid’s Inn
The Paul Tonk’s Collective9pmFront Porch
Trevor Nelson9pmSam Webbs
Jamie Blackburn9.30pmThe Riddler
Voodoo Bandits9.30pmJaks Bar & Smoke House

TT Fireworks – Douglas Promenade 11pm


18865 Regent Street, Douglas, IM1 2EB
Atholl RoomsPeel Centenary Centre, Atholl Street, Peel IM5 1HQ
Bar Logo39 Parliament Street, Ramsey IM8 1AU
Big Stage @ 1886Villiers Square, Regent Street, Douglas IM1 2EA
Black Dog OvenEast Quay, Peel IM5 1AR
Brendan O’Donnells16 Castle Street, Douglas IM1 2EU
Bushy’s TT VillageVilla Marina Gardens, Harris Promenade, Douglas IM1 2HP
Deep South StagePort Erin Beach
Front Porch15 Duke Street, Douglas IM1 2BB
Glenlough CampsiteMain Road, Ballahutchin Road, Union Mills IM4 4AT
Jaks Bar & Smoke House43 Lock Promenade, Douglas IM1 2LZ
JC’s Bar32 North Quay, Douglas IM1 4LB
Laxey Working Men’s InstituteNew Road, Laxey IM4 7BD
Manx ArmsMain Road, Onchan IM3 1BE
Manx LegionMarket Hill, Douglas IM1 2BQ
Market PlaceMarket Place, Ransey IM8 1JY
OutbackBarrack Street, Douglas IM1 2AF
Pico’s BarHydro Hotel, Queen’s Promenade, Douglas IM2 4NF
Queen’s Hotel, LaxeyNew Road , Laxey IM4 7BJ
Quid’s Inn56 Loch Promenade, Douglas IM1 2NA
Roxy’sAthol Street, Douglas IM1 1LD
Sam WebbsMarina Road, Douglas IM1 2HF
Secret Pizza CoThe Old Mortuary, Castletown IM9 1NR
South Douglas FriendsVictory Hall, Finch Road, Douglas IM1 2PX
Sulby Glen HotelMain Road, Sulby IM7 2HR
The Blind Pig17 Victoria Street, Douglas IM1 1LW
The Bridge InnNorth Quay, Douglas IM1 4LQ
The BritishNorth Quay, Douglas IM1 4LB
The CreekStation Place, Peel IM5 1AT
The CrosbyMain Road, Crosby IM4 2DQ
The EmpressCentral Promenade, Douglas IM2 4RA
The Fyn BarThe Fynoderee Distillery, Parsonage Road, Ramsey IM8 2EE
The Ginger HallBallamanagh Road, Sulby IM7 2HB
The HavenStation Road, Port Erin IM9 6AB
The HeronCushag Road, Anagh Coar, Douglas IM2 2B2
The HighwaymanPoortown Road, Ballawattleworth, Peel IM5 1XF
The Manor HotelSchool Road, Willaston, Douglas IM2 6PQ
The MitreMain Road, Kirk Michael IM6 1AJ
The QueensQueens Promenade, Douglas IM2 1NL
The RailwayBank Circus, Douglas IM1 5AB
The RiddlerStation Road, Port Erin IM9 6AF
The Royal GeorgeMarket Place, Ramsey IM8 1JY
The Sailor’s ShelterCrown Street, East Quay, Peel IM5 1AJ
The Thirsty Pigeon83 Victoria Street, Douglas IM1 2LW
The Whitehouse2 Tynwald Road, Peel IM5 1LA
TT Fan ParkA2 Glencrutchery Road, Douglas IM2 4BD
Villa Marina / ColonnadeHarris Promenade, Douglas IM1 2HP