Captive Audience

This is an invitation to treat yourself while you are home. Dress up, get your favourite drink, a few nibbles, maybe make your own fine dining experience or order one of the special takeaways that the Island’s restaurants are serving during lockdown. Then sit down and watch some of the greatest performances from around the […]

Salon Exhibition

The greatest art museums of the world are letting you see their exhibitions and displays while their doors are closed. To go directly to their website just click on the left hand side icon of each of the galleries listed below. Art Reach, on the Island, create inspirational workshops and are now offering, every Monday […]

Yn Chruinnaght Virtual Festival

Like so many festivals on the Island this year, the Celtic Gathering has been cancelled. This has not stopped our talented musicians and instead “Tannaghtyn Sthie” or the “Staying at Home” festival will be happening. So you can still celebrate with your family. Just tap on the left hand side logo to go the website. […]

House Music

House Parties. Rolling up the carpet, acid and free love. Last minute tickets to unknown locations in the middle of nowhere. Enormous cleaning bills, the police, legal charges. Time to reinvent the House Party. Time to party just for one. Time to dance like no one’s watching. Time to sing in the shower, really loudly. […]

Museum Visits

The thing about museums is that the objects are under lockdown for ever more. Some of the things were hidden in the ground and had to be dug up, some were stored in people’s houses or castles or temples. Some things like Egyptian mummies were entombed. They have all been preserved by being kept safe […]

Immersive Art

The Art galleries and Museums of the world have opened their doors to us, without us having to leave home. If you have every wondered what it is like to live like an artist, you can now take virtual tours of some artists’ houses and see where they lived and worked. In addition to our […]